Prosecution calls for cop who molested four male subordinates to be jailed 32 months”

SINGAPORE – The prosecution has asked for Traffic Police (TP) inspector Mohd Taufik Abu Bakar, who molested four male subordinates, to be jailed for at least two years and eight months.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Amanda Chong stressed that he had abused his authority when he molested the men. They were then serving their national service as special constables.

On Thursday (June 21), defence counsel Gino Hardial Singh told District Judge Jasvender Kaur that Taufik has several health problems, including minor coronary artery disease and Type 2 diabetes.

In asking for a lighter sentence, including a fine, the lawyer added: “This is Taufik’s first brush with the law. Prior to this, he served his country for 31 years as a decorated police officer. As a result of his conviction, he has lost his pension.”

In February, Judge Kaur found Taufik guilty of six outrage of modesty charges involving the four victims. Taufik, who was acquitted of one molestation charge involving a fifth special constable, was convicted following a six-day trial.

For two of the molestation charges, Mr Singh urged the judge to sentence his client to a maximum of eight months’ jail each. He also asked her to impose a fine for the remaining four charges.

Taufik, now 56, committed the offences between January and September 2015. The married man joined the TP investigation branch in 1998 and became the officer-in-charge of the hit-and-run investigation team five years later. He has been suspended.

On Sept 10, 2015, Taufik approached a 21-year-old special constable to complain about the young officer’s body odour and said he had some cream that could remove hair from his armpits and groin.

Two days later, he invited the young man to his flat and said he would teach him how to use the products.

The man was naked in the toilet when Taufik barged in. Nobody else was at home.

Taufik then molested the man while applying the cream.

The special constable testified that he felt like “the whole world collapsed on him, so all he did was comply”.

Taufik also molested three other special constables at the TP headquarters in Ubi Avenue 3. Between January and July 2015, he placed his right hand around a 24-year-old man’s waist, pulling him close.

He molested another 21-year-old man between June and July that year by slapping his right buttock. He also outraged a 22-year-old special constable’s modesty.

The offences came to light on Sept 16, 2015, when two of the victims shared their stories.They later told an NS probationary inspector about their ordeal.

Offenders convicted of molestation can be jailed for up to two years and fined or caned for each charge. Taufik, who cannot be caned as he is over 50, is now out on bail of $15,000 and is expected to be sentenced on July 2.



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