My Father in law faced 3 Criminal charges (324 x 2 and 506 Penal Code). He was charged in May 2020. He caused hurt using a weapon. We were concerned that he would be sentenced to at least 9 months imprisonment.

I went online to look for Lawyers to help my father-in-law in this case, and I found that Gino’s reviews on the internet were good. The first time I went to see him in his office with my father in law, he was very kind and gave us the assurance that my father in law will not go to jail, even though I was skeptical about it.

The case has ended now, and the Judge sentenced my father in law to a Mandatory Treatment Order in order to treat his underlying mental problems that might have explained his actions and no jail or fine was imposed.

Throughout the process, I know that Gino has his team worked hard and tirelessly in helping us to achieve this result and we are truly appreciative . Gino has many lawyers within his firm, but he took the trouble to be there during the hearings. At the first hearing he managed to obtain bail even though the doctors at IMH did not recommend that bail be offered.

Engaging Abbots Chambers was the best decision for us, the entire process was fast to end, seamless process as well.