After reading multiple reviews on this very site for different lawyers, I decided to reach out to Mr. Singh to represent my case as I was quite impressed by his experience in handling similar criminal defense cases.

After a brief call in the evening he invited me to his office for discussion the next day. He took all the relevant information, gave me confidence and made me feel that I should not be worried as he is there to represent my case. I felt that I really got the support that was much needed in those difficult moments. He was quite open and explained immediate next steps that he would take and also informed me what to expect throughout the process. In very short time his team drafted a letter representing me and send it to relevant authority. Out of desperation to see the end of the nightmare I kept on following up with his team who responded all my queries & follow-up messages very actively.

Finally, after 3 months I received a message from Mr. Singh that my request was accepted by the authority. I was really happy and relieved to get the news from him. And for that I would like to thank Mr. Singh & his team for all their effort and support throughout. I really appreciate it, you guys are the best!!