I’m on a charge of robbery since 2019 April.
First timer of charges, and was totally lost as i’ve never find any lawyer before. Tried different law firm and then i found Mr Gino.

It was a hard and long case, emotionally and mentally draining for both my family and Mr Gino.

Every month going to the court for a year and so, and coming to discuss with Mr Gino of all possibilities and circumstances.
Indeed, i’ve found the right gentleman to handle my case.
He’s not only confident, but truly understanding of whatever issues i’ve been through and being super patient with what’s going on to my case.
He wrote a thorough reps letter, to helped me with my case.

After going through PTC stage of a few months, today, i got a happiest news of my life which is being acquittal.

Mr gino, no doubt, is the best lawyer, the down to earth and a superb human being that willing to go through ups and downs to help you and guide you.

I’m really indebted to him.